Something Better for Math is in Sight


InsightMath is a neuroscience based K-6 curriculum that transforms student learning by teaching math the way the brain learns so all students are equipped to succeed. 

  • Leveraging over 25 years of research and results
  • From the creators of the award-winning program ST Math
  • Co-designed in collaboration with communities of researchers, educators, families, and students
  • Something better for math, for all students

Launching Spring 2025


InsightMath’s Approach to Redefining Math Instruction

Learning is Built not Transferred

Instead of asking “How do we teach?” our team asked “How do we learn?” allowing us to utilize the latest research in neuroscience and education and build a framework for true student-centered learning. Students are thinking critically, engaged in discourse, and working through the problem solving process, while teachers utilize tools to facilitate and guide.

Equitable Access to Deep Learning

InsightMath supports students seeing themselves as capable and confident problem solvers. Through the sharing of strategies, thoughts, and perspectives, students rely on each other as mathematical resources and build on each other’s ideas.

Supporting the Whole Student Ecosystem 


InsightMath equips students with the agency to be a knower, doer, and sense maker of math. Students are creative, insightful and perceptive as they solve problems and explain their thinking.


Our team crafts learning experiences that empower teachers to facilitate as students struggle productively and self-generate solutions. Formative strategies, tools, and assessments are embedded to center and empower students, and position and support teachers in today’s classrooms.


Parents and families play an important role in helping their child develop creative and rigorous problem solving skills that support deeper learning. Our resources support families in continuing inquiry-based learning and mathematical conversations at home.


Created by Educators, Neuroscientists and Researchers

Our curriculum team brings together a range of professionals with experience as educators, professional learning developers, assessment developers, artists and designers. Beyond our team, InsightMath is designed in conjunction with researchers and co-design teams. Our co-design teams include groups of educators, students and families adding their voice in creating mathematics experiences that invite students to see, explore, and embrace their mathematical brilliance.

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