New ST Math Features

JiJi’s backpack is full of new features that students, teachers, and administrators are going to love!



Here's what's new for the 2023-2024 Back-to-School season!

These new features are designed to support the deep understanding that makes ST Math so powerful and keep students learning on grade level.


Enhanced Curriculum
All students experience the most powerful spatial-temporal math games!


New visual models to strengthen coherence within and across grades



Integrated place value models to support composing and decomposing of multi-digit operations



Expanded mixed review bonus journey content for early finishers


New ST Math Games!

New topics for more math learning:

  • Partial Products Area
  • Model Multiply 2-digit Numbers
  • Customary and Metric Length Conversions
  • Represent 2 and 3-digit numbers
  • Model 2 and 3-digit numbers
  • Place Value Treasure Bundles to 1000
  • Modeling Sums within 1000
  • Modeling Differences within 1000

         … and more

Math Game Arenas included:

Educator & Student Enhancements
Facilitation, Rostering, Assessments

Expanded Library of Curriculum & Facilitation Supports:

  • Embedded facilitation tips 
    and how-tos for each level

  • Game-in-a-minute videos

  • Links to additional game resources

Additional Enhancements:

  • Problem-Solving Process Diagram is now integrated into the student support tips

  • New Journey Progress metric

  • Updated Puzzle Talks


Professional Learning
Coaching Support, Targeted 30-Minute Sessions

  • New Teacher Workshops
    • Using ST Math in Stations
    • Using ST Math to Support Language Development
    • Activity Books - Thought Burst (How-To) 
  • New Administrator and Coach Workshops
    • Enhancing Core Instruction with ST Math
    • Data Driven Instruction and Weekly Rhythms with
  • ST MathNew ST Math Asynchronous Learning Available in the Academy
    • Early Finishers
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