Distance Learning with ST Math

Teach math how the brain learns... no matter where students are!


Staying Ahead of Changes

With the constantly evolving education landscape, educators across the country are preparing for a number of different teaching models in the 2021-2022 school year.

  • Returning to the classroom
  • Use of distance learning or virtual academies
  • A hybrid model, with students in class on some days and learning from home on others

As the public health situation changes, or mandates are issued across different states or cities, those models may be modified throughout the school year. 

Research on COVID-related school closures from March 2020 onward suggests that students could be a half-to full year behind academically when the new school year begins - a challenge dubbed "the COVID Slide" that is likely to be compounded by continued adjustments across school districts.

The variability of students' individual learning needs will also be much greater. Curriculum will need to be blended, flexible, and use tools that can be implemented by teachers and at home. 


Students Need




Fun, challenging, and engaging work that is easy to access

Teachers Need


An Easy Button

Quality resources that are flexible and easy to implement

Administrators Need


A Strategic Solution

Support for students and teachers, ease of implementation, and actionable reporting

Parents Need



Time management, student facilitation, ease of use, and where to get help

Distance Learning With Results

Distance learning presents its own set of challenges, but creating healthy habits for students is the key to proven results. Families are presented with an opportunity to really partner with educators to keep their kids on track and progressing, regardless of where the learning is taking place.

We looked at more than 200,000 students who had used ST Math in the classroom before COVID-19 and from home during unforeseen distance learning and found that:

  • Quiz effect sizes remained virtually unchanged
  • Post-quiz scores are an average of 3 points higher than they were PRIOR to COVID-19
  • Minutes per week are up from 54.7 to 74.6




Tips for Teaching Remotely with ST Math


Amidst Uncertainty,
JiJi is Always There

One of the most powerful aspects of ST Math is how it goes beyond math learning. Through continued use students develop social-emotional skills like perseverance, confidence as a mathematician, and love of math.

Here at MIND, we hear constantly, from both students and educators alike, that ST Math changes how people feel about math. Now, there’s research to prove it: a recent randomized control trial found that students who play ST Math have higher mathematics self-beliefs than non-ST Math students.

This has become even more important during times of uncertainty and anxiety. As our data above shows, students played ST Math more when learning from home than they did while in the classroom.

Teachers change. Classroom locations change. One thing remains constant: JiJi. That penguin is always there for students.

What Makes ST Math an Effective Distance Learning Program?

As educators, we are focused on what’s best for students, and what keeps them learning - regardless of where.

ST Math is an effective distance learning solution because it’s:

  • More than just practice
  • Accessible 
  • Self-paced
  • Filled with actionable data
  • Empowers educators 
  • Easy for families to use
  • Engaging and challenging
  • Demonstrated efficacy
"ST Math has been a wonderful component of the Hybrid and Distance Learning programs we offered our scholars this year. We knew student engagement was going to be a massive barrier to academic progress this school year. Having smaller groups of scholars in person for half of the day was very beneficial. However, relying upon them to continue to engage in rigorous, standards-driven learning while off-campus, was going to be a very difficult task. ST Math met our needs better than anything else out there."
Scott Borba, Superintendent,
Le Grand Union Elementary School District, CA
"The combination of highly engaging and, for lack of a better word, fun content and research-based conceptual math instruction, I believe, is a major reason why we didn't experience as much "learning loss" as we originally anticipated we would. Students were excited to complete lessons and help JiJi cross the screen...even at home! We look forward to continuing to supplement our math instruction, even when we return to full in-person learning, with ST Math."
Scott Borba, Superintendent,
Le Grand Union Elementary School District, CA
"The community around our school in particular was a hotspot and the reports I've been hearing from my wife (an ICU nurse) have been difficult to hear. Nonetheless, we've implemented a fairly robust remote learning program. As part of it, we've been doing remote support for ST Math. Connecting with students over ST Math has now become more than just an academic exercise for our students. It now provides a therapeutic purpose as well. Of all of the programs we use, it lends itself the most for human connection."
David Marks, Educator
Hebrew Academy of Long Beach, NY
"Even when learning at home, math anxiety persists. The good news is that the ST Math program, combined with other collaboration tools, can help facilitate personalized instruction in a virtual environment.

For example, using Zoom and ST Math together lets me deliver one-on-one help without taking time away from instruction. I always devote part of my lesson to host virtual ""puzzle talks,” which begin by reviewing the daily ST Math objective and a few practice puzzles to reinforce the concept. If students need extra help, they can enter their questions in the private chat window."
Billie Jo Lamoureaux, K-5 Math Teacher,
Morningside Community School, MA
"If a student continues to struggle, I can use Zoom to put them in their own breakout room to feel comfortable with explaining their thought process. I found this private question and answer format actually increased class participation since my kids could be honest about their learning journey. And if there were any connectivity issues, they could go back, replay, and complete ST Math lessons at their own pace."
Billie Jo Lamoureaux, K-5 Math Teacher,
Morningside Community School, MA
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