ST Math Camp

A flexible, ready-made, research-based math camp that fits summer school and after-school program schedules.



Math camp unlike any other!
Easy to implement expanded learning offering to accelerate math skills.

ST Math Camp is an after-school or summer program that builds student agency in an expanded learning environment. As the facilitator, the teacher/counselor guides student-driven discourse and problem-solving that fosters essential skills development.



Three unique camps to choose from!


ST Math Camp: Game Design (grades 1-8)  Students use engineering design principles to build a game that teaches or practices a math concept.


ST Math Camp: Journey (grades K-5) Students benefit from engaging in learning experiences focused on developing problem-solving strategies and promoting mathematical discourse. The curriculum engages students in grades K-5 in whole groups, teacher-led Puzzle Talks, ST Math 1:1 play, and standards-aligned activities that build off of ST Math games. 


ST Math Camp: Adventure (grades K-5) Students benefit from engaging in learning experiences focused on logic and strategy. The curriculum follows a station rotation model by engaging students in grades K-5 in table games focused on a math topic, small group standards-aligned instruction, problem-solving strategy discussions, and ST Math 1:1 play.


What's different about ST Math Camps:

icon-jiji-side-orgUnique learning experiences 

icon-jiji-side-orgChoices of three math camp offerings to meet varied needs and priorities

icon-jiji-side-orgRich content that builds conceptual understanding and problem-solving around big ideas and learning progressions, not discrete skills

icon-jiji-side-orgTeacher-facilitated and student-centered lessons - Each camp includes whole group, small group, and independent learning opportunities, not just skills practice and reinforcement

icon-jiji-side-orgEmbedded SEL - Puzzles, games, discussions, and activities focus on collaboration, goal setting, building student agency, development of problem-solving and perseverance skills, and increased self-belief and confidence


Student Benefits

During ST Math Camp, students focus on developing and practicing specific concepts, building a growth mindset and developing confidence, agency, and mathematical communication skills.



Educator Benefits

Throughout ST Math Camp, educators will gain strategies for facilitating student thinking and promoting discourse. Embedded professional learning provides the support that all teachers need even those without a math background.

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