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Online high-impact, math tutoring solution for school districts.

Extended Learning for Students Who Need Acceleration

ST Math® Tutoring Powered by VIPTeacher accelerates student learning through online high-impact, grade-level tutoring by state certified teachers. Available for grades 1-8.

Grounded in Research. Backed by Results.

For the students that have been most impacted by interrupted instruction, rather than emphasizing missed skills, ST Math removes the barriers that prevent students from accessing elementary grade level content.

Research shows that high-dosage tutoring is effective (Fryer, 2016).


How? ST Math’s visual puzzles and game-based approach allows all students to build foundational grade level skills as well as improved self-beliefs in mathematics.

Research shows schools consistently using ST Math have on average boosted their state test scores as much as 14 percentile points in their statewide math ranking (Wendt, et al., 2019).


Each arc of learning is a set of 3 lessons that revolve around a particular game and build toward a foundational skill. The games leverage the brain’s spatial-temporal reasoning ability to solve mathematical problems. State certified VIPTeacher tutors act as a guide to help students productively struggle and motivate them to build lasting conceptual understanding.

ST Math leverages the brain’s spatial-temporal reasoning ability to solve mathematical problems (Spatial-Temporal Math: Underlying Scientific Concepts and Mechanisms).

This format is flexible to fit your schedule with one-on-one or small group tutoring sessions available during school, before- or after-school, or summer school.

High Quality Tutors

ST Math Tutoring Powered by VIPTeachers offers high quality, state certified tutors who have at least one year of tutoring experience, a bachelor’s degree or above, have passed a background check, and have passed an ST Math certification.

Research shows that tutoring effects are stronger when the tutors are teacher professionals (Nickow, et al., 2020). 


State certified VIPTeacher tutors support and guide students when they hit struggle points. They know the right questions to ask to move the student forward and give them a confidence boost. They also provide observational feedback on the student’s progress and activities to the school or district. 

Research shows that students working with ST Math resulted in higher math self-beliefs compared to controls (Rutherford et al., 2020).

"We had the opportunity to contract with ST Math for our summer day camp program. The students enjoyed working with their tutor in a small group. The lessons and games were engaging. The students made progress in their math skills in a short amount of time."
Stacie Bonura, M.S.Coordinator, Special Projects
Hollister School District, CA

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