4th Grade Math Games

Play select games from the ST Math fourth grade curriculum. Concepts include number lines, fraction addition and subtraction, and more.


Number Line Zoom

Use place value to plot multi-digit numbers on a number line.
  • Apply place value to locate numbers on number lines from 0 to 1 million.
  • Number lines show numbers of the largest place value, clicking between numbers zooms in to show the next place value.
  • Levels begin with 4-digit numbers, then advance to 6-digit numbers.

Lines of Symmetry

Find lines of symmetry that fold shapes into congruent halves.
  • Develop concept and language for lines of symmetry.
  • Find the line of symmetry for polygons.
  • Levels begin with finding one line of symmetry, then advance to finding multiple lines of symmetry for a given shape.

JiJi Cycle - Fraction Addition and Subtraction

Estimate fraction sums and differences
  • Use visual fraction models to estimate sums and differences on number lines.
  • Levels begin with visual models, then progress to fraction notation.

Fraction Addition and Subtraction

Add and subtract fractions with like denominators
  • Use number lines to model fraction sums and differences.
  • Add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers.
  • Feedback shows visual models proof of sums and differences.

Creatures and Boots Problem Solving

Solve multi-step problems involving multiple operations
  • Develop problem solving strategies for finding combinations of creatures and boots.
  • Levels begin with finding the number of boots for a given combination of creatures, then advance to finding combinations of creatures given a set of boots.
  • Problems begin with visual models and transition to visual-symbolic models.

Blast Pad Number Lines

Apply concepts of unit fractions and multiplication to number lines.
  • Estimate fractions >1 and whole numbers using unit fractions on a number line.
  • Estimate products of whole numbers and fractions on a number line.
  • Visual feedback models multiplication of fractions as iteration of unit fractions.
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