Kindergarten Math Games

Play select games from the ST Math kindergarten curriculum. Concepts include counting, addition, subtraction, comparing numbers, sorting, and classifying.


Count Objects to 10

Count and match sets of up to 10 objects.
  • Develop counting strategies such as 1:1 correspondence and cardinality.
  • Levels begin by just clicking on given objects, then progress to selecting equivalent number of squares in the ground.
  • As the levels transition, students internalize strategies and connect numerals to the counting sequence.

Push Box Addition

Develop addition concepts by finding the total number of blocks.
  • Add blocks at the start (left side) to the blocks in the middle by selecting the total number of blocks at the end (right side).
  • Develop and apply strategies for solving visual addition problems.
  • Levels start with sums ≤ 5 by adding up to 2 more blocks and transition to sums up to 10.

Count Objects to 20

Count sets of alien ships using ten frame models.
  • Use counting strategies to keep track of the number of alien ships and apply cardinality (last number counted tells how many) to ten frame models.
  • Levels begin with sets of 5 or less and progress to sets of up to 20 aliens.
  • Keep track of objects counted and use ten frame models with numerals to represent quantities up to 20.

Select Box Subtraction

Find the number of blocks left after a set of blocks is taken away.
  • Find how many blocks are left after taking away 0 to 5 blocks.
  • Levels begin visually and transition into symbolic representations of subtraction.
  • Develop strategies for taking away a set of blocks and finding the difference.

Creature Combinations to 10

Compose number combinations to 10 using visual models.
  • Use visual models to compose sets up to 10.
  • Develop strategies for finding sums for a given number.
  • Levels begin with simple matching of creature legs to shoes, then move to finding different combinations for 10.

Birds on a Wire Equations

Model addition and subtraction equations using a visual model.
  • Use the visual model to represent a given number as birds sitting on a wire, then model adding or subtracting a given number as birds flying onto or off of the wire.
  • Develop the concept of addition as ‘adding to’ and subtraction as ‘taking from.'
  • Levels begin with modeling sums and differences to 5, then move to 10.
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