6th Grade Math Games

Play select games from the ST Math sixth grade curriculum for free. Concepts include negative numbers, proportional reasoning, exponents, percents, and more.


Negative Numbers Trap

Interpret integers with multiple negative signs and plot them on a number line.
  • Develop the concept that two negative signs produce a positive integer.
  • Levels begin with positive and negative integers and progress to integers with multiple negative signs.
  • Interpret negative signs as 'the opposite of' an integer: -2 reverses 2 on a number line. 

Ratio Monster 

Find the correct number of body parts for the monster given proportional relationships based on one monster (unit rate).
  • Choose the missing value given a unit rate: 2 eyes to 3 arms, 4 eyes = __ eyes.
  • Apply unit rates posted as parts on one monster for multiple monsters.
  • Levels start with finding the unit rate, the proportion for one monster, then progress to building a unit rate and solving proportional problems.


Represent exponential growth models (groups of circles) using exponential notation.
  • Interpret the growth of a single dot (n0) by using repeated multiplication and exponential notation.  
  • Represent four groups of objects as 4x4 or 42
  • Levels start with interpreting visual representations of exponential growth using repeated multiplication and move into exponential notation.


Estimate and model percent changes in JiJi's height.
  • Estimate the height of an object that shrinks/grows by a given percent.
  • Find the percent change for an object that shrinks/grows from a start value to an end value.
  • Levels start with visual puzzles that show percent change visually and progress to calculating the percent change given start and end values.
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