7th Grade Math Games

Play select games from the ST Math seventh grade curriculum for free. Concepts include expressions, multi-step percentages, integer multiplication/division, two-step equations, and more.


Modeling with Expressions Wall Factory

Represent visual models with expressions.
  • Interpret multiplicative and additive patterns using expressions.
  • Model multiplicative and additive visual representations with expressions.
  • Levels begin with simple one term elements and progress to mutli-term, multi-operation patterns. 

Multi-Step Percents 

Apply multi-step percent and fractional changes to stacks of blocks.
  • Calculate the end height of a stack of blocks that increase/decrease by a given percentage or fractional value represented visually and numerically.
  • Interpret percents < 100 as a decrease and percents > 100 as an increase in the height of a given number of blocks.
  • Levels begin with finding the sum of two stacks of blocks that changes by a given percentage and progress to finding the product of two percent changes.

Multiplication/Division Integer Stacks

Apply integer division to form quotients of a given height.
  • Interpret negative signs as flipping the direction of a block, e.g. a 3 block is 3 units above ground level, a -3 blocks is 3 units below ground level (or a hole 3 units down).  
  • Dividing by a negative integer involves multiplying by the inverse and reversing the direction of the block.
  • Levels start by interpreting division by whole numbers as multiplying by the reciprocal and progress to applying the negative sign to positive and negative integers.

Multiply/Divide Integer Blocks on a Number Line

Evaluate or solve for unknowns given a multiplication or division statement on a number line.
  • Use visual models to interpret division with integers on a number line.
  • Find points on a number line when dividing negative integers by positive integers.
  • Levels start by finding the product or quotient of positive integer values posed visually and progress to finding product or quotient of negative integer values posed visually.


Two-Step Equations

Use scaling up or down to change the length of jelly blocks to reach a given point (get JiJi to land on the blastpad).
  • Apply division by scaling the given block ≥ 1 times to shrink the block and apply multiplication by scaling the given block ≥ 1 times to stretch the block.
  • Develop the concept that the negative sign moves the block in the opposite direction.
  • Levels start by stretching the given block n-times in either the positive (green block) or negative (red block) direction and progress to apply quantitative measures to reach an exact point.
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